Dating navy sailor

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Dating navy sailor

Under law, the press gangs could take almost anyone they happened to find.However, some individuals were protected from the press: apprentices already indentured to a master, seamen with less than two years' experience at sea, fishermen, and others associated with maritime trade and industry such as riggers, shipwrights, and sailmakers.

The remainder of brother WOs were of "non wardroom rank" Gunner, Bosun, Carpenter etc because of their lowly social status, having a professionalism relevant only to the naval service.

Top of the list, and an indication that you had arrived socially, was the Levée.

This was a moment when certain selected people could attend an intimate access with those most high, where for example, one would be allowed into the King's bedroom [he, still being in bed] to listen to him explaining an issue of state importance or giving an opinion on issues not for the public domain, allowing some but limited inter-activeness from the assembled audience.

then and in the DV locker ST-1, At the time I was running the show... Hoo Yah, Deep Diving" DEEP DIVING DIECKS From: Bob Diecks To: Tom Frank Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2015 Subject: Photograph Frank; Hope all came thru and right side up..

The last one is for you,,, I've many more,, I guess the little 16 mm camra I used to carry on my dog tag chain paid off in the end...

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