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Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead)The unconventionally handsome guitarist, currently at Number 1 in our poll, has never exploited his fame to bed women.

He once said: "I've never taken advantage of the opportunity of one-night stands. I'm all for erotic in terms of imagination, but the physical side is something different." 7.

Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)Not even the emetic confessions of girlfriend Alexa Chung ("We fall asleep with our arms round each other") could dent the charisma of the chief Arctic Monkey.2.

Mark Ronson The producer had an eventful 2008, winning a BRIT Award (Best Male Act), three Grammies, and producing Kaiser Chiefs' third album 'Off With Their Heads'.

There were aspects of being a trans person and in love, and not realizing that was what was going on.”Transgender is a term used to describe a person whose personal gender identity is different than the gender assigned to them, while gender nonconforming refers a person whose identity does not necessarily align with the identity assigned to them in a broader, more general sense.

Although dating can be a challenge without adding polyamory or distance between partners, commonalities with gender identity have proved a benefit instead of a complication between Clark and her partners.“I think we have a bit more empathy for each other.

If I was dating two [cisgender] people, I don’t think there would be as easy of a friendship there because there wouldn’t be a shared bond.”“Dating other trans and gender nonconforming people is just an added comfort level,” Lasker said.

“Even my friendships nowadays have been with gender nonconforming people just because it’s so much easier to be authentic around them.

* Time Out editions in 24 cities participated in our global dating survey, and we received responses from many more locations around the world.“I’ve always been very loving and caring, and there’s always been another person involved there,” Clark said.“Once I came out as queer, it was definitely a little more complicated.Having split with model Daisy Lowe, he is currently dating Tennessee Thomas, the English drummer of American all-girl trio The Like.3.Brandon Flowers (The Killers)No one-night stands with groupies for Brandon.

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But there’s always somebody that made things harder, and drew attention to himself about a guitar solo that he wants to keep or some other things….

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